• Amy O'Hana

Women: Why We Must Step Into Erotic Power

Pleasant it was, when woods

were green,

And winds were soft and low,

To lie amid some sylvan scene,

Where, the long drooping boughs


Shadows dark and sunlight sheen

Alternate come and go.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Passion is what morphs mere words into poetry, as noted in Longfellow’s verse above. Passion is the daughter of eros, her color blood red, channeled through the heart. She fuels the body and nourishes the brain. Yet where she is conceived - the heart chakra - is green, representing growth.

Passion is an opener of hearts; she is a connector of humans.  

More than ever, our world needs connection. Conflict comes from the shadow of red energy, or “us and them” thinking. Red energy establishes people and systems, but it doesn’t connect them. Psychological power struggles come from the shadow of yellow energy, or "you and me" thinking. This type of conflict is more respectful, with less physical violence. But it still divides us, particularly from those who don’t think or believe the same way as we do.

Humans are not made to exist in separation. We are intended to live in connected intimacy along with full provision and security. We need different solutions for the world’s problems, because clearly what is happening now is not working. Just turn on CNN! 

We live in a world dominated by red and yellow energies, which are masculine energies. This is good and necessary … but it only ensures our provision and protection. It does not get us connection and intimacy, nor transform, nor heal anything. Furthermore, because women are forced to be in masculine energies to survive, we have a harder time allowing our lifeblood passion to flow. Our aching, thirsty hearts thus wither in the heat of the day-to-day. 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” -Albert Einstein

Eros, green love-energy, is a higher consciousness - a higher power than red and yellow. Sisters, our world is pregnant with eros, anxiously anticipating its arrival. We need to courageously give birth and nurture it. Men can experience and embody green energy, and they want to. But since it’s naturally a feminine energy, they may need a little help accessing it. Women are the mothers of connection and healing; we are the leaders of transformation.

It is thus imperative that we, as women, as the enlightened femine, step into our erotic power.

Our aching, heated world needs more color, more poetry. We need passion to lead us to peace.

A personal note.

I understand the difficulty of the bid above. As of this writing, I am a single woman with no partner - I am my own provider and protector. As a result, I'm in my red and yellow energy all day long, most every day, as a necessity. It is hard to prioritize engaging with my green energy, even though it’s natural and fulfilling when I do. 

Like you, I’m taking time to think about intentional ways to step into my erotic power, and to channel my passion into creative and nourishing pursuits. One of the ways I’ve been challenged lately is to deconstruct my “I can do it all, and do it all perfectly” mantra. I’m not quite sure where I picked that up, and I’ve noticed many women seem to have a similar one. 

Chronic red and yellow energy isn’t working so well for me anymore … how about you? I suspect the more I step into my erotic power, the more alive and energized I will feel. And then … the more good I can do in the world. What a pleasurable paradox! I’ll write more about this as it unfolds for me. For now, I’d love to hear how you are stepping into your erotic power, and how it’s transformed your life and the environment around you. You can log in to my blog to leave a comment, or find me on Instagram.

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