• Amy O'Hana

My Erotic Evocation

I just clicked “publish” on my poem Empty Sheets, and I must confess, I'm nervous about what you’ll think.  

The poem is quite erotic, and now it’s public. Gosh ... I hope I don't embarrass my family. My students - will they ever respect me again? Not to mention all the nice people at church…. 

I write about love-energy, specifically to help women step into their erotic power. I’m well aware that statement alone is provocative, and perhaps not in a positive way.

The word erotic is not accurately understood in Western culture. It comes from the Greek word, eros, which means passionate love. An excerpt from Beyond Burnout, my most recent book: 

...eros is associated with romantic and sexual behavior, but those are its manifestations and not its root. Eros is derived from the Greek verb eírō, which means “to tie, join, fasten, or string together.” The intention of eros is oneness.

The word erotic means eros expressed, which may or may not include sexuality. As C. S. Lewis wrote in The Four Loves, "Sexuality makes part of our subject [Eros] only when it becomes an ingredient in the complex state of 'being in love.' That sexual experience can occur without Eros, without being 'in love', and that Eros includes other things besides sexual activity, I take for granted."

My aim is to create beautiful things that evoke deep passion to beckon you - and the world - to oneness. I will never produce pornography, or sexually explicit material that gratifies the self with little emotional or spiritual connection to another. According to feminist writer Audre Lorde (1978),

“Pornography is a direct denial of the power of the erotic, for it represents the suppression of true feeling ... whereas the erotic more appropriately represents, is a power in knowing and feeling ‘those physical, emotional, and psychic expressions of what is deepest and strongest and richest within each of us ... the passions of love, in its deepest meanings ... the self-connection shared ... the measure of joy.’”

Pornography is the antithesis of the erotic. We do not understand this well, as women and men. I strive to be a voice for the enlightened erotic - the conscious evocation of passion within the self, with others, and with the Divine in the striving toward henosis, or transcendent unity. 

Eros is the highest love-energy power. When released rightly, erotic power generates connection, fosters deep intimacy, heals, and transforms relationships and systems. It is naturally a feminine energy, which is why it’s so important for women to become aware of it, embrace it, and consciously use it for good. 

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Erotic power, eros, is yours to have. It’s already within you. It just needs to be evoked and released. That’s why I'm writing.  

I write in the passionate erotic, which is sexual at times. At all times, my writing comes from a place that is deeply connected to the love-energy that I feel woven within me and throughout every living thing. It is this love-energy that brings us all together, as one, in Divine union. I hope you enjoy my poem Empty Sheets and well as the rest of my erotic writing. It is my greatest pleasure to publish it. 


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You may enjoy this YouTube link to Audre Lorde reads her essay Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power:

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