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WHAT are you talking about, Amy?

I use terminology and concepts in my writing that are not commonly understood in every day English. The following clarifications may help:

agape (agapē, Greek, ἀγάπη) | a spiritual type of love that is transcendent and integrated; creates union; responsible freedom within unconditional acceptance; "violet energy"

erotica (noun) | writing, photography, or literature intended to arouse sexual desire

eírō (Greek, εἴρω) (verb) | to tie, join, fasten, string together

Enlightened erotic (noun) | one who evokes passion within self and others to engender oneness, specifically with the intention of achieving henosis, or transcendent unity 

Enlightened feminine (noun) | a “she/her” being, usually identifying as a woman, who consciously exercises her natural erotic power to create, connect, heal, and transform relationships and systems 

eros (érōs, Greek, ἔρως) (noun) | a type of love that is passionate; desire; “green energy” 

erotic (adj) | stimuli that arouse passion and/or desire, both sexual and non-sexual 

erotic power (noun) | love-energy that generates connection; more powerful than storge or philia 

feminine (adj) | expression and experience of feminine energy 

henosis  (Greek, ἕνωσις) (noun) | mystical oneness, union, unity; “pure consciousness” 

love-energy (noun) | energy experienced, embodied, and generated through love in any and all its forms

masculine (adj) | expression and experience of masculine energy

man/men (nouns) | of or referring to the biological male sex; cisgender men

philia (Greek, φιλία) (noun) | a type of love concerned with respect; protection; friendship love; sibling love; the conscious love-energy (more powerful than storge, yet less powerful than eros); “yellow energy” 

pornography (noun) | writing, photography, or literature intended to arouse sexual desire with little to no emotional or spiritual connection to another

storge (storgē, Greek, στοργή) (noun) | a type of love concerned with family bonds; attachment; provision; the foundational love-energy (yet lowest power); “red energy” 

woman/women (nouns) | of or referring to the biological female sex; cisgender women


Where do you come up with this stuff? 

My writing is inspired by my academic and religious studies, my professional work as a mental health therapist, my training as a hatha yoga teacher, and my own intimate experience with God.

Is your work proven?

No. My writing is theoretical and mystical. I welcome all respectful feedback given in the spirit to construct higher truths and to raise the consciousness of love and connection among humans.

Is your work LGBTQ+ friendly? 

I believe so - at least I don't intend it to be non-affirmative. I conceptualize femininity and masculinity as energies that, in the 3D world, reside in a physical, human body. When I use the terms “feminine” or “masculine,” I am referring to energy and not biological sex. 

Then why do you use the terms “woman/women," “man/men,” and singular pronouns? 

Simplifying terms makes it easier to craft syntax, which is important to me as a writer. I understand my writing will not appeal to all audiences, but I still deeply value the perspectives and lived experiences of all humans. 

Who is your primary audience? 

At the present time, my primary audience is cisgender women who desire intimate partner relationships with cisgender men. 

Where did this all begin for you?

See My Erotic Evocation

Amy O'Hana is a writer and a teacher. Find her and other posts like this one on the web at amyohana.com

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