• Amy O'Hana

Empty Sheets

I dreamt of you.

And I wake today, half lucid, wet and wanting you in my bed. I want you here, pinning the top of my thighs down with the top of yours, rendering me helpless to do nothing but open myself; to arch my spine and welcome you into me.

You into me. A juxtaposition of fervor and tenderness. You and me, One.

I close my eyes and I taste your tongue.

I close my eyes and I smell your skin.

I close my eyes and hear your song of love.

I close my eyes and weave my body within yours.

Your presence never leaves me; it is ever within and around. Your fingers imprint my heart; your mind consumes mine; my body aches for your salve. You surround me, warming my empty sheets.

My god, if only! I would never let you leave my bed.

Amy O'Hana is a writer and a teacher. Find her and other posts like this one on the web at amyohana.com

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