Get your glow.

Hey there, gorgeous. You’ve worked hard all day, and finally your people and things are taken care of. Now it’s time for Y-O-U. 

Catching up on social media is fun, but it takes you only so far. You'd love to read something inspiring and wise. Something written just for you - a professional woman who lives her life in precarious balance. In the crazy of your every day, it's hard to connect with what feels natural to you - beauty and love. 


Though you handle All. The. Things. like a champ, sometimes you wonder if you really are living your very best life. It's scary to admit it, even, because of what you have and what you've accomplished. You have a lot, but you'd love to feel whole, stable, and completely fulfilled. 


You'd like to glow.

I'm an educated, professional woman - a therapist, professor, and published author. I've worked hard to get where I am today, so I know exactly what it's taken for you to accomplish what you have.


I'm also a creative, but I stifled my creativity for years. Caught up in the "have-to" of a masculine-driven workforce, I repressed my femininity. It was the cultural analeptic I swallowed in order to get ahead.


But it went down a bitter pill. Little did I know that my femininity was a strength - my greatest energy, sourced directly from the Divine. Opening my heart and listening to its Voice is how I got my glow. 

I'm passionate about helping you do the same. I write to help you find your glow. Together, let's cultivate your very best life. 


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